Some of us are not in a place to forgive. As we grow our understanding of what abolition and transformative justice require of us, we’ve decided to change our name to For Everyone Co. We’re deepening our invitation to simply forgive, by looking at the larger systems that pin our communities against one another and asking: how we can create a community for EVERYONE? 


The choice to forgive cannot be forced. “For Everyone,” is a more universal abolitionist message, because accountability, safety, and healing should be for all of us. Thank you for growing with and alongside our collective.


To celebrate our new name and our growth in a new direction, we created a new shirt which gets at the core of creative abolition. Abolition does not just mean no more prisons, it also means housing FOR EVERYONE, healing FOR EVERYONE, accountability FOR EVERYONE, safety, education, food, water, FOR EVERYONE. Abolition is not just for some; it is for everyone.


Thank you again for your consistent support and love. It has made everything that we do possible. We couldn’t do it without you.



Every member of our team has been directly impacted by incarceration. They screen print and ship each shirt ordered from our store.

Together combined, they have done more than half a century in prisons across the country. Now that they are free, they are working to create a world where no human being is kept in a cage.

When you buy something from our collective, you directly fund their wages, healthcare, community, and success.

Pablo: Screen Printing Press Operator

Jazz: Quality Control and Finishing Floor Manager

Marcela: Inventory, Fulfillment, and Customer Service Coordinator

Melanie: Pre-press, ink, and screen-room assistant.

Rebecca: Community Development and Resource Coordinator.

Richie and Indigo: Media Production, Political Development, and Visioning

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melanie reclaiming.JPG
Pablo at Press.JPG

Pablo and Jazz holding up an All My Homies Hate Prisons tee, Marcela in our Free Angela tee, Jazz at the tagging station, Melanie cleaning screens, Pablo printing All My Homies shirts, Richie and Indigo (co-owners) during filming for our upcoming storytelling project.