Help Antoinette Find Justice! - Wrongly Incarcerated, Black Mother of 4

UPDATE: Dec 18, 2020

"Greetings, Comrades,

We are happy to report the MN-DOCF Board of Pardons has accepted Antoinette's application for their spring 2021 meeting.

In the meantime, please continue to share the petition to procure more signatures. As we draw closer to the spring, we will submit the additional signatures gaines. We will be sharing more action steps in the new year!

Thank you all for your unwavering, ongoing support!

Antoinette, K.C. and Loved Ones!"

The Story

"In June of 2016, Antoinette was arrested and charged in a first-degree, felony murder case although she was not at the scene of the crime when it occurred. At the age of 30, with no prior convictions or history of partaking in illegal activity, she was found guilty based on inconsequential testimony and falsified evidence; denied an appeal with the MN Supreme Court; and, later, sentenced to life in prison without parole. The judge passed the exact sentencing on Antoinette as the actual murderer who had recently been released from prison after being prosecuted 14 years prior for a separate murder. Subsequently, this colossal injustice forced Antoinette to leave her four children to grow up without a mother; her parents to age without their daughter; and her siblings and other loved ones to not share their lives with her because she will spend the remainder of her life behind bars."

Currently, Antoinette is collaborating with the dedicated volunteers of the Felony Murder Law Coalition to change the 1437 Senate Bill and 609.5 Statute for the implemented felony murder law, which will allow the Accomplice Liability Law to change. She hopes this bill will pass to prevent others from the torment ensued by her experience. Our declaration is simple: if someone did not commit a murder, they should not bear the burden and/or be criminally charged with murder by law enforcement. We are petitioning for Antoinette's case to be reviewed and reflect a more appropriate sentence.

Words about Antoinette via her younger sibling, K.C. Nyabinyere-Jallah,

"The media and the criminal justice system are portraying a false depiction of my sister. Antoinette is not a violent person in any capacity, and she is most certainly not a murderer. She would never so insouciantly forsake her freedom, or the opportunity to see her children grow up! This case contains many burdens of proof along with humxn rights failures, and it deserves to be reviewed. She should not be spending the rest of her life in prison! Please help my family bring my sister home!"

Please support the movement to bring Antoinette home. She submitted an application to the MN Pardon Board requesting for a commutation (altering or changing of the current sentence). We are asking for your emergency assistance. For the MN Pardon Board to review and consider her case, we desperately need ample public support in the form of signatures. Stand in solidarity with Antoinette and other wrongly incarcerated people by signing and sharing this petition with others on all social media platforms!"


What Can You Do?

Sign the petition for justice for Antoinette!

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