We are an abolitionist screen printing collective creating art, clothing, and educational materials to inspire a world without revenge. We employ formerly incarcerated people and donate to abolitionist grassroots organizations.

We believe justice is based in accountability, healing, and transformation

We define accountability as understanding one's harm, choosing transformation, and committing to systemic change

We believe revenge does not achieve accountability, healing or transformation; and that punishment does not achieve safety.

Most importantly, we believe every human being is inherently valuable and capable of transformation.



Every member of our team has been directly impacted by incarceration. They screen print and ship each shirt ordered from our store.

Together combined, they have done more than half a century in prisons across the country. Now that they are free, they are working to create a world where no human being is kept in a cage.

When you buy something from our collective, you directly fund their wages, healthcare, community, and success.

Pablo: Screen Printing Press Operator

Jazz: Quality Control and Finishing Floor Manager

Marcela: Inventory, Fulfillment, and Customer Service Coordinator

Melanie: Pre-press, ink, and screen-room assistant.

Rebecca: Community Development and Resource Coordinator.

Richie and Indigo: Media Production, Political Development, and Visioning

Jazz photo_edited.jpg
Jazz stacking shirts.JPG
Pablo at Press.JPG

Pablo and Jazz holding up an All My Homies Hate Prisons tee, Marcela in our Free Angela tee, Jazz at the tagging station, Jazz stacking shirts, Pablo printing All My Homies shirts, Richie and Indigo (co-owners) during filming for our upcoming storytelling project.


We create and print abolitionist clothing and art to make the goals of abolition visual in peoples every day lives.

We employ formerly incarcerated people in management, screen printing, quality control, fulfillment, and more.

We pay living wages (min $17 /hr), offer free health insurance, share ownership and profits, and provide one-on-one resource navigation assistance for all team members.

We create accessible, shareable campaigns and toolkits for current justice campaigns.

We are majority worker owned by a multiracial group of people impacted by incarceration. Our only non-impacted employee-owner is our founder, who created Forgive Everyone to raise money for the abolitionist movement.



We donate 20% of our profits from our merch store directly to bail funds and abolitionist grassroots organizations working to improve the lives of directly impacted people in the United States; both during and after incarceration. 

We are currently donating our 20% percentage of proceeds to the COVID-19 Emergency Release Bail Fund


We are funded by your purchases of the clothing and art we create.

We also have a Patreon where individuals can support us monthly.

Support our work by buying abolitionist clothing and art from our store. We truly can't do it without you.