Shirts, stickers, and more related to prison abolition and decreasing the power of the carceral state in our communities. 

We donate 20% of all proceeds to bail funds and abolitionist grassroots organizations who support the success currently and formerly incarcerated people and their families.


The rest of the proceeds from sales support For Everyone Co.’s own activism efforts which include abolition journalism, storytelling initiatives, employing formerly incarcerated people, and developing educational materials.


Reform vs Abolition: An Introduction

A brief intro on prison abolition written by Molly Lipson; Forgive Everyone Contributor.

Zine: What is Police and Prison Abolition?

A digital zine detailing the goals and methods of police and prison abolitionists. 

White Allyship Must Call for Defunding the Police

"Allying is an ongoing process of... developing solidarity with communities of which you’re not a part."